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Get the Edge!

Teaching motivated high school students crucial life & success skills they need to succeed

Get the Edge! is a 6-week interactive workshop designed to help achievement-oriented high school Juniors and Seniors succeed.

Preparing for life after high school can be challenging for a young person.  Most parents work hard to make sure their son or daughter is prepared for this new world.  But they can't do it all.

And so Soft Skills Expert, Kevin McNulty has designed a unique program to help students Get the edge--the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will bring out the X-Factor in your student.


Master Trainer and Executive Coach Kevin McNulty leads skills training programs for prestigious organizations all around the world...

Now he's bringing that training to high school students.  He's teaching skills that employers are begging for when hiring new employees.


Session 4

Choices: How to be Discerning and Make Good Decisions


When asked, parents tend to say that the #1 skill that they want their high school or college student to have is good judgement and decision-making skills—to make good choices in their daily life and about their future.

This session will teach students to:

  • Recognize and connect with their core values

  • Use values as a basis for good judgement and decision-making

  • Make good decisions

Session 5

Who's in my Orbit? Creating Solid Boundaries and a Healthy Circle of Friends, Mentors, and Connections


There are two aspects to establishing a healthy orbit that spins around you: Bringing in people who support you in a healthy way and keeping distance with those who do you no good.

This session will teach students to:

  • Understand various relational boundaries ("orbits")

  • Use a tool for determining and maintaining various boundaries

Session 6

How to Win Friends and Influence People: How to be an Effective Listener and Communicator


Ask any employer (or professor) and they will tell you that the "X-Factor" skills are effective listening and communicating. 


This session will teach students to:

  • Understand the power of effective interpersonal skills

  • Be an really good listener

  • Be an assertive communicator

  • Lead conversations with good questions

There are many soft skills that we can learn to help be more effective.  But there are a handful that are foundational to success.  Those who learn these early in life have a real advantage.  Kevin has chosen a few top principles and skills that will help your high schooler get an early jump on succeeding...now, in college, at work, and in life.

Program Overview

Session 1

Take Charge of Your Life


Taking charge of your life is easier said than done.  The question is: how exactly do you do that?

This session will teach students to:

  • Step-up and take control

  • Be proactive
  • Be accountable
  • Understand the power of focus

Session 2

Shape Your Future...

or the Future will Shape You


No one can accurately predict their future; it's a challenge for people of all ages.  Yet, one can have the knowledge and tools to help them think through and better plan their future.

This session will teach students to:

  • Understand "who you are" and who you "want to be"

  • Think more strategically

  • Set strong goals

  • Create and work an action plan

Session 3

Be a Dragon Slayer: Slaying the "Drag-ons" in life (overcoming adversity)


One of the great unknowns is the fight and resilience each of us have inside. The question is, do you have the mindset to try even if you're afraid. 


In this session, students will learn to:

  • Have solutions-oriented mindset

  • Overcome challenges

  • Be resilient in adversity

  • Slay the “drag” ons in life

  • How to be confident

Meet Kevin McNulty

Kevin Speaks.png

Kevin McNulty is an internationally recognized speaker, coach and influence strategist. 

He has three decades under his belt as a trusted coach and consultant for major organizations such as Jack Daniel’s, Schwan Cosmetics, NASA, and Department of Defense.

Mentored by the renowned Leadership Coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Kevin is now a premier thinker and practitioner in the soft skills and personal development arena.  

Kevin has developed proven strategies and techniques to help clients and audiences to

immediately improve their personal and professional effectiveness. 

Kevin is the author of The Gap Between Two Worlds—a self-help book on change, transition, and personal growth.  It was endorsed by giants in the industry including Dr. Marshall Goldsmith,  Brian Tracy, Nido Qubein and more.  Kevin has also authored several visual teaching models that help audiences grasp various aspects of human dynamics.

Kevin is a 20-year veteran of the US Air Force.  In 2000, he founded Humadyn-Life Skills Institute and then in 2020 launched McNulty Life Skills Academy to bring his success principles to teenagers.  Kevin is married to his wife Jane of 33 years; has a son and two daughters

Organizations Kevin Has Worked With


DATE - April 14th, 2020

DAY - Every Tuesday for 6 weekly sessions

TIME - 5-7 PM

LOCATION - Technology Engagement Center

ADDRESS - 306 Minerva Dr. Murfreesboro, TN

Dates and Location

To Be Rescheduled

To stay informed, email us at GetTheEdge2020@gmail.com

Cost and Application Process

The investment for this 6-week program is $50 per session.  There is a simple application process that includes 1) completing the short application (below) and 2) a brief conversation with a member of our team--just to make sure we (student and program) are a good fit for each other.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the Get the Edge! website and program.  If you'd like to learn more feel free to contact us below. 

If you'd like to apply (computer only), click the below to begin.

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